Three-dimensional multicellular spheroid cultures

When culture in suspension many mammalian cell types can aggregate into 3D-spheroids. These multicellular cultures mimic real tissues or tumours and are useful models for therapeutic screening.

Interest / Relevance: Intermediate assay between in cellulo and in vivo cultures; in some extent predictive for in vivo results.
Test useful for:
- Proliferation assays
- Cell-cell interaction analysis
- Drug availability (clearance, half-life, ...)
- Gene profiling

Avantages: long term cultures, daily tracing of spheroid size.
Keywords: proliferation , tumour , cell toxicity , 3d-cultures , cell-cell interactions
Scientist's name: Annie MOLLA



Business Developper
Inserm Transfert
Research Tools
Accessible for: Fee-for-service research, Collaboration
Equipment available: Cell culture facilities/ microscopy
Samples/Models available: Many cell types are eligible.Requirement: aggregating cells.Examples: NSCLC H358, HCT-116, ...
Rare disease:
Last update: 14/01/2022

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