3d cell omics – clinical proteomics platform

For your Clinical investigations, they propose to apply 3D culture cell methods to further your knowledge of disease, pathways, targets and drugs effects. 3D Cell Omics offers : - Technology that mimics the tumor microenvironment - Study of drug effects on different cell line, - Drug following by mass spectrometry imaging, - Biomarkers hunting, - Large scale proteins identification and relative quantification. 3D Cell Omics will assist you throughout all steps of your project from culture of your cell lines to the data analysis. - Maintenance of cell lines - Access to innovative technologies : creation of mixed spheroid, invasion computation software, 3D organs Bioprinting, exosome isolation and count … - Data processing and statistical analysis for identifications and relative quantification of markers. For more information : http://www.laboratoire-prism.fr/index.php/platforms/3d-cellomics

Interest / Relevance: - Large index of cell lines (30 different cell line from different species).
- Mixed spheroid creation : association of cancer cells AND immune cells in 3D culture for mimic tissue microenvironnement.
- Large scale of different test : invasion test, viability test, MS/MS, imaging, fluorescence.
- 3D organs bioprinting.
- Exosome isolation and count with Nanosight.
- Isolated organs, biopsies, tissue sections, isolated cells layer, 2D or 3D cell culture, cell secretomes and body fluids (plasma, CSF) .
- Combined Multi-Omics analysis (metabolomics, lipidomics and proteomics).
- Design, execution and analysis of experiments.
- Get closer to the tumor microenvironment for testing drugs.

Up-to-date software for data analysis, proteins identification, label free quantification and invasion area quantification.
Members of 3D Cell Omics platform lead research efforts in proteomics area to apply these cutting-edge methods to answer your question.
Scientist's name: Michel SALZET



Business Developper
Inserm Transfert
Research Tools
Accessible for: Fee-for-service research, Collaboration
Equipment available: Exosome counter, Nanosight, 3D organoid bioprinter, biobots, Ventana histological robot...
Rare disease:
Last update: 15/12/2021

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