Technique to isolate live renal proximal tubular cells from any mouse strain

We isolate renal proximal tubular cells using the proximal tubular marker Prominin-1. We use a 4°C, enzyme free protocole allowing high quality subsequent analyses (e.g. transcriptome), and obtention of primary cultures.

Interest / Relevance: This allows to study specifically a major cell type of the kidney during in vivo experiments, and to obtain well-differentiated primary proximal tubular cell cultures of any mouse strain for in vitro experiments.
Keywords: proximal tubule , renal primary culture , ex vivo
Scientist's name: Pierre GALICHON
Sophie Vandermeersch



Business Developper
Inserm Transfert
Research Tools
Accessible for: Fee-for-service research, Collaboration, Training / Know-How License
Equipment available: Freshly isolated mouse proximal tubular cells.Primary cell cultures, Protein and mRNA samples.
Samples/Models available: Ischemia repercussion injury (in vivo and in vitro)In vivo and in vitro toxicity of cyclosporine (and other toxicants)
Rare disease: No
Last update: 15/12/2021

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