Ex vivo culture system for screening compounds targeting leukaemia-initiating cells

A novel, ex vivo niche-based hypoxic culture system for maintaining Leukaemia Initiating Cells (LICs) from patients and an associated method to quantify their dynamics.

Interest / Relevance: The system and method permit efficient screening of compounds targeting leukaemia-initiating cells more quickly and affordable than the xenotransplantation assay in immunodeficient NSG mice. The approach also allows the analysis of effects/toxicity of compounds on normal hematopoïetic stem cells.
Keywords: Leukaemia Initiating Cells (LICs) , Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) , Stem cells Niche , Self-renewal
Scientist's name: Emmanuel GRIESSINGER
Jean-François PEYRON (U1065, DR Nice)



Business Developper
Inserm Transfert
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Accessible for: Fee-for-service research, Collaboration, Training / Know-How License
Equipment available: This method requires a flow cytometer with at least two, at best three lasers, an hypoxia chamber or incubator and a Class II biosafety cabinet for handling human primary samples.
Rare disease: No
Last update: 13/01/2022

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