Animal models of fibrosis

UUO: This model is induced in mice or rats by unilateral ureteral ligation (UUO) of the left ureter. The animals rapidly develop, within a few days, severe tubulo-interstitial renal fibrosis with an inflammatory cell infiltrate in the affected kidney. SNX: This model consists at reducing the renal mass by 83%. This induces hyperfiltration and induces over a period of around 6 months significant fibrotic lesions in C57bl/6j mice and in 2 months in Swiss mice. In rats the model is somewhat faster as it induces renal fibrosis in 3 months.

Interest / Relevance: UUO: This is an ideal "go or no-go" model to test the potential anti-fibrotic activity of (new) compounds.

SNX: This is a more chronic model of the development of fibrosis somewhat closer to what is observed in humans than the UUO model.
Keywords: Chronic kidney disease , Fibrosis , In vivo drug evaluation
Scientist's name: Joost SCHANSTRA
Jean-Loup Bascands



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Accessible for: Fee-for-service research, Collaboration
Equipment available: Microsurgery, histological and functional analysis.
Samples/Models available: Two animal fibrosis models (rats and mice): unilateral ureteral obstruction and subtotal nephrectomy.
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Last update: 15/12/2021

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