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Anti-ptf1a antibodies

Two rabbits (A and B) were immunized with a mix of two synthetic peptides of murine PTF1a sequence (one N-term peptide, KSFDNIENEPPFEFVS (aa 309-324) […]

Rat anti-mouse cd26 (mouse dipeptidyl peptidase iv, dpp iv) (clone

Rat monoclonal antibody recognizing the cell surface antigen DPP IV (CD26) involved in T cell activation and in the processing of a variety of […]

Rabbit cpt1a antibody (polyclonal)

A polyclonal antibody raised in rabbit against the rat liver carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1. This antibody is very specific, has an efficient titer […]

Human ferroportin polyclonal antibodies

Rabbit Polyclonal antibodies raised against 3 differents portions of the iron exporter Human Ferroportin 1 = Solute Carrier Family 40 (Iron-Regulated […]

Real time no measurement

Real time constant amperometric detection of NO in tissues/cells.rnrnThis gaseous neurotransmitter has a very short half-life (*5 s) and is usually […]

Labeled mouse escherichia coli (gfp or dsred)

An E. coli was isolated from the mouse feces and transformed with a plasmid expressing either the GFP or the DSRed under an E coli specific promoter. […]

Highly differentiated human hepatocytes in primary culture

Hepatocytes are isolated from human liver and cultured in a system that allows to maintain a highly differentiated phenotype for several weeks.rnIn […]

Xenograft models to study stem and chemoresistant cells, and to assess

We have recently contributed to establish a robust xenotransplantation model (NSG, NRG) to study the leukemic engraftment as well as the stem cell […]

New production system for human recombinant leptin

Leptin is an adipocyte-derived pleiotropic hormone that modulates a large number of physiological functions, including control of body weight and […]

Tagged leptin receptors hek293t cells

Hek293T cells were transfected with short form human leptin receptors (OBR) tagged individually with either Rluc (pIRESpuro3, Clontech) or YFP […]

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