Human ferroportin polyclonal antibodies

Rabbit Polyclonal antibodies raised against 3 differents portions of the iron exporter Human Ferroportin 1 = Solute Carrier Family 40 (Iron-Regulated Transporter) Member 1 (SLC40A1): 1- Named anti-HuFPN1 : intracellular loop; residues 224-303 (79aa) 2- Named anti-HuFPN2 : extracellular loop; residues 395-450 (55aa) 3- Named anti-HuFPN3 : C terminal sequence; residues 541-571 (30aa)

Interest / Relevance: -Detection of Ferroportin protein in Human Cells and tissues.

Ferroportin is the main and only known mamalian cellular iron exporter regulated by the iron hormone "hepcidin" and it plays a major in iron homeostasis. Ferroportin is a transmembrane protein of 571 amino acid residues that transports iron from the inside of a cell to the outside. Ferroportin is mainly expressed in tissues macrophages, enterocytes in the duodenum and in hepatocytes.
Keywords: Iron , Ferropotin
Scientist's name: Francois CANONNE-HERGAUX



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Clones available: Crude and affinity purifed antibodies (anti-HuFPN1
Isotype: Other
Source: Rabbit
Specificity: Human
Immunogen Seq ID: Recombinant protein GST-Ferroportin : 1) GST-HuFPN1 (residues 224-303 ) 2) GST-HuFPN2 (residues 395-450 ) 3) GST-HuFPN3 (residues 541-571)
Know Cross Reactivity: Mouse
Depositor: Canonne-Hergaux François
Rare disease:
Last update: 15/12/2021

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