Labeled mouse escherichia coli (gfp or dsred)

An E. coli was isolated from the mouse feces and transformed with a plasmid expressing either the GFP or the DSRed under an E coli specific promoter. this bacteria can be followed into the body and DSRed labelled bacteria can be sorted by FACS analysis

Number of SamplesOriginClinical AnnotationPathology ReportInformed consentAvailable for Contract researchAvailable for Material transferStorage
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Interest / Relevance: These bacteria are useful to study in vivo and in in vitro intestinal permeability, in vivo and in vitro phagocytosis, immune system activation
Keywords: Bacterial translocation , Intestinal permeability , Inflammation , Phagocytosis , Biomarkers
Scientist's name: Rémy BURCELIN

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