Inhibitors of the pp1/gadd34 complex for the treatment of a condition

The present invention relates to the general field of the treatment and prevention of diseases involving an inflammatory condition, namely sepsis or […]

Bmp6 -/- mice

Targeted disruption of BMP6 in mice causes a rapid and massive accumulation of iron in the liver, the acinar cells of the exocrine pancreas, the heart […]

Human ferroportin polyclonal antibodies

Rabbit Polyclonal antibodies raised against 3 differents portions of the iron exporter Human Ferroportin 1 = Solute Carrier Family 40 (Iron-Regulated […]

Microbiota dependent spontaneous colorectal cancer

100% of the animals spontaneously tumor in the distal part of the colon after 7 month of age, or within 5 weeks after bone marrow transfer. The […]

Method and kits for diagnosis and response treatment prediction of

The present invention relates to methods and kits for analysing the steady-state activation or inhibition of ITAM signalling of immunoreceptors in […]