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Method for universal detection and quantification of mycoplasma

The present invention relates to a method for detecting mycoplasma 16S rDNA 1.5 kilobase fragment amplified quantitative polymerase chain reaction […]

New serological marker for the latent form of toxoplasmosis

In the present invention, inventors report the characterization of BCLA (Brain Cyst Load-associated Antigen), a protein exclusively expressed during […]

Methods for prognosis and monitoring of critical form of coronavirus

In the present invention, inventors investigate the representation of neutrophil subsets in severe and critical COVID-19 patients based on Intensive […]

Methods for detecting the presence of coronavirus-specific antibodies

Coronaviridae is a family of enveloped, positive-sense, single-stranded RNA viruses. The viral genome is 26–32 kilobases in length. In late December […]

New biomarker for prognosis and response to corticoid in patients with

Septic shock is the leading cause of death in intensive care units. Previous studies have highlighted the immunosuppressive protein GILZ […]

Methods and kits for the rapid detection of the escherichia coli

Escherichia coli O25b-ST131 clone is a worldwide pandemic clone, causing predominantly community-onset antimicrobial-resistant infection. A high […]

New antibodies recognising hev capsid forms for hev diagnosis

Hepatitis E virus (HEV) is the leading cause of enterically transmitted viral hepatitis globally, and is responsible for 20 million infections and […]

Diagnosis of latent mycobacterium tuberculosis infection

Tuberculosis (TB), caused by M. tuberculosis infection, continues to be one of the most prevalent infectious diseases worldwide. The WHO has also […]

Supercarba selective medium for the detection of carbapenem-resistant

Carbapenemase-producing bacteria isolates are increasingly identified throughout the world. Their early detection is becoming a major issue in the […]

Recombinant flagellin for preventing and treating

The present invention relates to the use of an optimized truncated flagellin (TLR5 agonist devoided of toxic effect) for preventing or treating […]

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