Rat anti-mouse cd11a/cd18 (mouse lfa-1 heavy chain, cd11a) (several clones)

A collection of 8 rat monoclonal antibodies recognizing the heavy chain (CD11a) of the mouse CD11a/CD18 heterodimer LFA-1. The correponding epitopes organize themselves in 3 spatially distinct structural regions of CD11a : Epitope region A : defined by 6 Monoclonal antibodies (H129-37, H68-98,H35-89, H154-595,H85-326, & H155-141); Epitope region C : defined by the monoclonal antibody H129-296 ; and Epitope region D : defined by the monoclonal antibody H154-163.

Interest / Relevance: These monoclonal antibodies permit analysis of the heterodimeric LFA-1 molecule which participates in the majority of T cell functions (receptor for ICAM-1 & ICAM-2, T cell costimulation and intercellular adhesion). Furthermore, the contribution of the alpha subunit in these functions can be assessed using these monoclonals.
Keywords: CD11a , CD18
Scientist's name: Philippe NAQUET



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Philippe NAQUET
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Clones available: H129-37, H68-96, H35-89, H154-595, H85-326, H-155.141, H129-296 , and H153-163
IgG2b (H35-89) ; IgG2a (H68-96, H85-326, H-154-595, H155-141, H129-296, & H154-163)
Isotype: IgG2b (H35-89) ; IgG2a (H68-96, H85-326, H-154-595, H155-141, H129-296, & H154-163)
Source: Rat
Specificity: Mouse
Immunogen Seq ID: Activated mouse T cells.
Depositor: M. PIERRES
FBS: 10%
Rare disease:
Last update: 13/12/2021

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