Mouse anti-mouse i-as (mouse mhc class ii molecule) (clone h83-82.6)

Monoclonal antibody raised in the A.TL anti-A.TH mouse strain combination. Recognizes an allodeterminant expressed on the mouse MHC class II molecule I-As (corresponding to the former Ia.12 serologic specificity).

Interest / Relevance: Suitable for the identification of I-As-expressing cells and for analyzing the I-As-associated lymphoid cell functions.
Keywords: MHC class II molecule
Scientist's name: Philippe NAQUET



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Philippe NAQUET
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Clones available: H83-82.6
Isotype: lgG2a
Source: Mouse
Specificity: Mouse
Immunogen Seq ID: Mouse (A.TH) lymphoid celld
Know Cross Reactivity: None
Depositor: M. PIERRES
FBS: 10%
Rare disease:
Last update: 15/12/2021

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