Mouse anti-human hox11l2/tlx3 (clones 34h9 & 10a5)

Mouse monoclonal antibodies recognizing the Hox11L2 gene product.

Interest / Relevance: HOX11L2 (or TLX3) is ectopically expressed in ~20% and ~13% of chidhood or adult T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL), respectively. HOX11L2 oncogene is therefore considered as a key factor controlling the emergence of some human T-ALL. These monoclonal antibodies represent appropriate tools for exploring the expression and functions of this oncogene as a putative determinant of the onset of these pathologies
Keywords: human T-ALL , oncogene , HOX11L2/TLX3
Scientist's name: Pierre FERRIER
Michel PIERRES, Pierre FERRIER, Dominique PAYET

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