Use of alarmins as biomarkers for assessing ischemiareperfusion injury

The inventors aim to assess IL-33 and HMGB1 contributions as alarmins to I/R injury following solid organ transplantation in particular liver […]

Methods for the diagnosis and thetreatment of graft-versus-hostdisease

The invention relates to methods for the prediction and the treatment of risk of acute graft versus host disease. The inventors demonstrated that an […]

In vitro method for determining thelikelihood of occurrence of an

"The present invention relates to the field of organ transplant and the issues associated with transplant rejection. Antibody-mediated rejection […]

Rankl to boost thymic regeneration

Cytoablative treatments lead to severe damages on thymic epithelial cells (TECs), which result in delayed de novo thymopoïesis and a prolonged period […]

Antagonists of il-33 for use in methods for preventing ischemia

Inflammation is a prominent feature of ischemia-reperfusion injury (IRI) characterized by leukocyte infiltration and renal tubular injury. However, […]

Methods for expanding a population of alveolar macrophages in a long

The present invention relates to methods for expanding a population of alveolar macrophages in a long term culture. In particular, an object of the […]