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Rabbit cpt1a antibody (polyclonal)

A polyclonal antibody raised in rabbit against the rat liver carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1. This antibody is very specific, has an efficient titer […]

Mouse anti-human melanoma associated antigen (clone kba.62)

- Anti-melanoma associated antigen reactive on paraffin sections. - KBA.62 is useful in ascertaining the immunomorphological diagnosis of malignant […]

Mouse anti-human thyroglobulin (clone thyr 5.52)

This antibody can be used on paraffin sections after retrieval antigen procedure. The best retrieval technique is the heating in microwave oven (2 X10 […]

Mouse anti-human melanoma associated antigen (clone pnl2)

- this new monoclonal antibody is directed against a new fixative resistant melanocyte/melanoma-associated antigen. - PNL2 labels more than 70% of […]

Mouse anti-human lat (linker for activation of t cells) (clone lat.

- This antibody recognizes the LAT-adaptor protein expressed on T-cells, mast cells and megacaryocytes. - Suitable for use on paraffin sections […]

Anti-kiaa0753 rat monoclonal antibody 5h3

This antibody recognizes the human KIAA0753 protein (also named OFIP or MNR). The epitope is located at the carboxy terminus of the protein, between […]

Rat-anti tp53inp1, clone f8

The monoclonal antibody reacts with human and mouse TP53INP1 (both isoforms TP53INP1alphaƒnand TP53INP1beta). TP53INP1 is a key stress factor endowed […]

Mouse anti-human cd7 (clone cbc.37)

This monoclonal antibody is directed against a fixative resistant T-cell associated antigen. Reacts with normal and neoplastic T-cells. This antigen […]

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