Rat-anti tp53inp1, clone e12

The monoclonal antibody reacts with human and mouse TP53INP1 (both isoforms TP53INP1alpha and TP53INP1beta). TP53INP1 is a key stress factor endowed with a tumor suppressor activity as its transcriptional inducer p53. It is involved in the regulation of p53 activity, in the process of autophagy, and in the control of cell redox state. In human cancers, TP53INP1 is either down-regulated (pancreas, stomach) or overexpressed (thyroid, prostate).

Interest / Relevance: ELISA, IHC on human paraffin-embedded samples.
Recognizes the region 42 to 100.
Keywords: Tumor suppression , Oxidative stress
Scientist's name: Alice CARRIER

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