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You want access to an innovative offer which is based on the excellence of Inserm, the leading academic research and clinical institute dedicated to human health in Europe? Find out our technologies offers of patents and research tools: here is a sample of our patents.

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Method for diagnosing colorectal cancer

The present invention relates to the diagnosing of colorectal cancer. The inventors have thus designed an efficient, rapid and cost-effective method […]

Use of slamf1 as a biomarker in colorectal cancer

Innate lymphoid cells (ILCs) are tissue-resident lymphocytes that differ from conventional T lymphocytes in having no antigen-specific receptors. ILCs […]

Human monoclonal antibodies against orexin receptor type 1

The present invention relates to human monoclonal antibodies against orexin receptor type 1 (OX1R) and uses thereof for the treatment of cancer. […]

Mesenchymal stem cell derived extracellular vesicles loaded with at

Several gastrointestinal and gynecological malignancies have the potential to disseminate and grow in the peritoneal cavity. The occurrence of […]

Enhancement of 5-fluorouracil cytotoxicity by pyridoxal 5’-phosphate

The invention relates to methods and pharmaceutical compositions for treating cancer in a subject in need thereof. The inventors thought that low […]

Compounds targeting hsp110 protein for cancer treatment

HSP110 is involved in multiple tumorigenic processes, but no inhibitor was known to date. The inventors have identified for the first time HSP110 […]

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