Compounds targeting hsp110 protein for cancer treatment

HSP110 is involved in multiple tumorigenic processes, but no inhibitor was known to date. The inventors have identified for the first time HSP110 inhibitors. These inhibitors bind directly to the nucleotide binding domain of HSP110 and then blocks the phosphorylation of STAT3 and cancer cell growth. The present invention relates to a compound for use in the treatment of a HSP110-associated cancer, for example colorectal cancer. Especially the inventors tested the compound on two different colorectal mice models, a syngeneic model for which mouse colon cancer CT-26 cells were injected into Balb/c mice and a NOD/SCID model in which mice were implanted with human colorectal cancer HCT116 cells. In those animals bearing a tumor, the compound induced tumor regression that was associated with the inhibition of other HSP110 reported tumorigenic functions (resistance to apoptosis, induction of pro-tumor macrophages).

Patent Application number: EP18306079.7



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Patent filling date: 06-08-2018

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