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Method and apparatus for acquiring a spatial map of auditory

This method for acquiring a spatial map of auditory perception of a subject comprises a plurality of successive test sequences, each test sequence […]

Quality control devices and methods for magnetic resonance imaging

The invention relates to quality control devices and methods for magnetic resonancernimaging (MRI) systems, more particularly for medical imaging […]

New biomarkers of alcohol use disorders

The present invention relates to a method for predicting alcohol use disorder. The objective of this study was to validate the possibility of […]

Early and non-invasive method for assessing a subject’s risk of

In the present invention inventors perform studies on extracellular vesicles isolated from urine samples to assess the biomarker potential of measures […]

Methods of assessing the risk of developing progressivemultifocal

Natalizumab a monoclonal antibody is associated with the risk of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML), an infection caused by the John […]

Method for early prediction of neurodegenerative decline

The present invention relates to a method for predicting risks of neurodegenerative decline of a patient, especially of mild cognitive impairment […]

Methods of treatment and diagnostic of pathological conditions

The present invention relates to a method for preventing or treating pathological conditions associated with intense stress such as Post-Traumatic […]

New biomarkers for predicting antipsychotic treatment response in a

A fundamental shortcoming in the current treatment of schizophrenia is the lack of valid criteria to predict who will respond to antipsychotic […]

Methods for diagnosing and treating autism

The present invention relates generally to a method for diagnosing autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in a biological sample obtained from a subject […]

Methods of determining the etiology of acute ischemic strokes

Determining acute ischemic stroke (AIS) etiology is crucial for guidance of secondary prevention. Here, the inventors performed a correlation analysis […]

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