Anti-ptf1a antibodies

Two rabbits (A and B) were immunized with a mix of two synthetic peptides of murine PTF1a sequence (one N-term peptide, KSFDNIENEPPFEFVS (aa 309-324) […]

Rat anti-mouse cd8 beta subunit (mouse cd8beta) (clone h37-17.2)

Thymus-derived CD8+ TCRab+ T cells typically express heterodimericCD8ab consisting of a disulfide-linked a and b chain. CD8 can also be expressed as […]

Mouse anti-mouse h-2ks (mouse mhc class i molecule) (clone h81-104.13)

Mouse monoclonal antibody recognizing a private (non-cross-reacting) allodeterminant of the H-2Ks mouse class I molecule. This Monoclonal antibody has […]

Mouse anti mouse ccl5 monoclonal antibody (clone 2e9)

Mouse monoclonal antibody directed against mouse CCL5. Antibody was produced by immunising CCL5 KO mice with recombinant CCL5. […]

Rat anti-mouse cd90 (mouse thy-1, monomorphic) (several clones)

A collection of rat monoclonal antibodies recognizing monomorphic determinants of the mouse Thy-1 moecule (CD90) located in two spatially distinct […]

Rat anti-mouse cd11a/cd18 (mouse lfa-1 alpha/beta conformational

Two rat monoclonal anti-mouse LFA-1 recognizing two spatially distinct conformational determinants, the expression of which requires the CD11a/CD18 […]

Rat anti-mouse cd24 (mouse, p31) (clones h193-4 ; h194-563)

Rat monoclonal antibody recognizing a glycosyl-phosphatidylinositol-anchored glycoconjugate of 28-33 kDa (P31) expressed in developing mouse brain. […]