Anti-ptf1a antibodies

Two rabbits (A and B) were immunized with a mix of two synthetic peptides of murine PTF1a sequence (one N-term peptide, KSFDNIENEPPFEFVS (aa 309-324) […]

Rabbit polyclonal anti-phospho-ncf1/p47phox (ser345) antibody

Detection of NADPH oxidase hyperactivation by the Rabbit anti-Human phospho-NCF1/p47Phox (phospho-Ser345) antibody […]

Human ferroportin polyclonal antibodies

Rabbit Polyclonal antibodies raised against 3 differents portions of the iron exporter Human Ferroportin 1 = Solute Carrier Family 40 (Iron-Regulated […]

Rabbit cpt1a antibody (polyclonal)

A polyclonal antibody raised in rabbit against the rat liver carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1. This antibody is very specific, has an efficient titer […]