Hla-class ii artificial antigen presenting cells in cd4 + t cell-based

CD4 T cell help is essential to promote robust cytotoxic T cell responses and could be harnessed to improve outcomes of cancer immunotherapy. To […]

Ctip fusion to cas9 enhances transgene integration by

The present invention relates to nuclease protein fusions for enhancing genome editing by homology-directed transgene integration (HDI).rnrnThe […]

Method for universal detection and quantification of mycoplasma

The present invention relates to a method for detecting mycoplasma 16S rDNA 1.5 kilobase fragment amplified quantitative polymerase chain reaction […]

Crispr barcoding: method and kit for labeling and detecting a

The invention relates to methods, compositions and kits for labelling and detecting endonuclease-treated cells, and most preferably eukaryotic […]

Methods and kits for detecting protein-protein interactions

The present invention relates to methods and kits for detection protein-protein interactions.rnrnIn particular, the present invention relates to a […]