Use of antagonists of th17 cytokines for the treatment of bronchial remodeling in patients suffering from allergic asthma

Bronchial remodelling is a prominent feature of severe asthma and a potential therapeutic target. Some data indicate that Th17 cytokines in particular IL-22 may be involved in remodelling processes in vitro, and in skin remodelling in vivo. The aim of the inventors was to evaluate if Th17 cytokines are involved in bronchial remodelling in a severe model of allergic asthma, and if this was amplified by co-sensitization with NOD2 agonist, MDP, a ligand favouring Th17 polarization. Dog allergen challenge led to a predominant neutrophilic infiltration in Broncho-alveolar lavage (BAL), increased dog-specific IgE production, airways hyperresponsiveness, and increased Th17 cytokine production. Increased bronchial remodeling was observed in dog allergen challenged mice compared to control. IL-22 deficiency decreased airway hyperresponsiveness, bronchial mucus production as well as peribronchial collagen deposition, in the allergen-challenged group. Th17 cytokines in particular IL-22 participate in the bronchial remodeling in a chronic model of neutrophilic asthma, and may represent a therapeutic target in severe asthma

Keywords: Asthma
Plé C. et al. PLoSOne. 2015 Apr 10;10(4):e0122372.



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