Quality control devices and methods for magnetic resonance imaging systems

The invention relates to quality control devices and methods for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems, more particularly for medical imaging applications. An example is stereotactic surgery where MRI images are combined with X-ray images to accurately locate a target in a subject. A test device (1), and an associated method using said test object, are used to easily detect a faulty calibration or a malfunction of an MRI device. The test device includes: a hermetically sealable hollow body (20) having a substantially cylindrical shape, a support frame (22) configured to be removably inserted in the hollow body and defining a target region (V22) having a substantially cylindrical shape; and a plurality of target objects (24) made of a material visible on X-ray images and MRI images said target objects being arranged in the target region and being attached to the support frame.

Keywords: Medical Imaging, Quality Control Fantom, MRI systems, Stereotactic deformation
Patent Application number: EP19 306008.4 on 07/08/2019
PCT/EP2020/072156 on 06/08/2020



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Patent filling date: 2019-08-07

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