Nlrp6 supports diurnal oscillation of host-microbiota interactions through casein kinase 2

The present invention relates to the treatment of microbiome dysregulations. Said dysregulations may subsequently contribute to the development of several chronic diseases. Thus characterization of new post-biotic compounds inducing beneficial changes on host-microbiota interactions may be highly desirable. The inventors showed that Nlrp6 diurnally coordinates cyclical adaptation of the gut microbiota diversity to epithelial plasticity in response to a treatment with a Csnk2 inhibitor. The invention therefore relates to an inhibitor of Csnk2, for use in the treatment of microbiome dysregulations notably associated with circadian clock disruption. Said inhibitor may be selected among chemically synthetized or natural selective Csnk2 inhibitors such as flavones.

Keywords: Nlrp6, Csnk2 inhibitor, Microbiome



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Patent filling date: 2016-05-20

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