Ms-5-omi/htra2-mcherry cells

Murine stromal MS-5 cells were transduced with a retroviral pBabe vector to stably express the Omi/HTRA2-mCherry protein. OMI/HTRA2 is a marker of intact polarized mitochondria that is rapidly degraded following mitochondrial outer membrane permeabilization (MOMP).

Interest / Relevance: Feeder cells for long-term culture of normal and Acute Leukemia Myeloid cells
mCherry fluorescence is a read-out of mitochondria integrity.
MS5-Omi/HTRA2-mCherry cells can be used to study mitochondrial transfer.
Mouse Stromal cells
Keywords: Stromal cells , LTC-IC , Omi-mCherry , Mitochondrial transfer
Scientist's name: Véronique IMBERT
Emmanuel GRIESSINGER, Jean-François PEYRON



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Véronique IMBERT
Inserm Transfert
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Organism: Mouse
Tissue: Stromal cells
Morphology: Adherent cells
Subculture Routine: Split confluent culture 1:3 to 1:10 every third day using trypsin/EDTA
Culture Medium: IMDM supplemented with 2mM L-Glutamine 25mM Hepes 10%SVF Penicillin Streptomycin
Rare disease:
Last update: 15/12/2021

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