D3h2ln-at2 human invasive breast cancer cell line expressing the human angiotensin ii-receptor at2

D3H2LN-AT2 cell line stably expressing firefly luciferase, GFP and Flagged human AT2 receptor. Empty vector infected cell line is also available.

Interest / Relevance: Metastatic breast cancer cell line model to study the role of human Angiotensin II AT2 receptor in breast cancer.
This cell line can be used for the screening of selective AT2 receptor ligands.
This cell line is suitable for in vitro and in vivo analyses of tumor growth and metastasis by fluorescence and bioluminescence.
Tumor growth and metastasis in nude mice
Keywords: Breast cancer , Tumor growth , Metastasis , AT2 signalling , Bioluminescence
Scientist's name: Clara NAHMIAS
Sylvie Rodrigues-Ferreira



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Organism: Human
Tissue: Breast, adenocarcinoma metastatic
Passage Number: From passage 10
Subculture Routine: Passage 1/10 twice a week
Culture Medium: DMEM 4.5g/L glucose Glutamax supplemented with 10% SVF, 1%penicillin/streptomycin
Growth Properties: Adherent
Rare disease:
Last update: 14/01/2022

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