Mouse anti-human melanoma associated antigen (clone kba.62)

- Anti-melanoma associated antigen reactive on paraffin sections. - KBA.62 is useful in ascertaining the immunomorphological diagnosis of malignant melanoma in routinely processed paraffin sections. - Staining is localised predominantly to the cell membrane with little or no cytoplasmic reactivity. Negative staining is observed in the majority of human non-melanocytic neoplasms.

Interest / Relevance: - Immunohistochemical diagnosis of primary and mmelanome.
- Detection of melanoma cells in the sentinel lymph node.
- KBA.62 reacts strongly and uniformly with the majority of benign and malignant melanocytic proliferations. KBA.62 antibody is a useful additional marker for melanoma, specifically in desmoplastic/spindle cell cases.
Scientist's name: Georges DELSOL
Al Saati



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Georges DELSOL
Inserm Transfert
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Clones available: KBA.62
Isotype: lgG2a
Source: Mouse
Specificity: Human
Immunogen Seq ID: KAL human melanoma cell line
Know Cross Reactivity: endothelial cells
FBS: 15%
Rare disease:
Last update: 15/11/2022

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