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You want access to an innovative offer which is based on the excellence of Inserm, the leading academic research and clinical institute dedicated to human health in Europe? Find out our technologies offers of patents and research tools: here is a sample of our patents.

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Cellular fibronectin toolset

Expression vectors encoding human cellular fibronectin variants harboring the alternatively spliced Extra Domains B and/or A (or neither) ; […]

Vaccine model based on recombinant hydrophobic protein and saponin

The Bd37 is an erythrocyte binding protein anchored at the surface of the parasite Babesia divergens. B. divergens is an Apicomplexa parasite, mostly […]

Profiling blood lymphocytes reactivity against cancer cells

In vitro trogocytosis of PKH67-stained cancer cells as a measure of their interactions with bulks of PBMC from patients. This profiling give the […]

Labeled mouse escherichia coli (gfp or dsred)

An E. coli was isolated from the mouse feces and transformed with a plasmid expressing either the GFP or the DSRed under an E coli specific promoter. […]

Establishment of redifferentiated cells after treatment of neoplastic

When undifferentiated, invasive neoplastic cell lines are treated with an optimal time / concentration combination of curcumin (under conditions […]

Staining of human tissues for multi-color confocal microscopy analysis

This proposition describes a technique that allowed us to successfully stain human tissues with fluorochrome labelled antibodies for confocal and […]

3d cell omics – clinical proteomics platform

For your Clinical investigations, they propose to apply 3D culture cell methods to further your knowledge of disease, pathways, targets and drugs […]

Animal models of fibrosis

UUO: This model is induced in mice or rats by unilateral ureteral ligation (UUO) of the left ureter. The animals rapidly develop, within a few days, […]

Rat mesothelial cell line m3-2

Transformed rat mesothelial cell line isolated from the peritoneal fluid of a male rat (Fischer F344) after 263 days of induction with crocidolite […]

Rat mesothelial cell line m4-1

Transformed rat mesothelial cell line isolated from the peritoneal fluid of a male rat (Fischer F344) after 307 days of induction with crocidolite […]

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