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You want access to an innovative offer which is based on the excellence of Inserm, the leading academic research and clinical institute dedicated to human health in Europe? Find out our technologies offers of patents and research tools: here is a sample of our patents.

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Gdf3 as biomarker and biotarget in post-ischemic cardiac remodeling

Markers of an intense scarring process in the early phase post- myocardial infarction (MI) are still undetermined, and the identification of patients […]

Methods and pharmaceutical compositions for cardiac regeneration

The adult mammalian heart regeneration is largely prevented by the limited proliferative capacity of the resident cardiomyocytes (CMs). Here, the […]

A b cell depleting agent for the treatment of atherosclerosis or post

New anti-atherogenic strategies based on B cell modulation, and suggest that patients currently treated with CD20 antibodies for other immune-mediated […]

Neutralizing granzyme b for providing cardioprotection in a subject

The present invention relates to a method for providing cardioprotection in a subject who experienced a myocardial infarction comprising administering […]

Antibody for the treatment of myocardial infarction

The present invention relates to a method for treating MI or AMI in a subject in need thereof comprising a step of administering to said subject a […]

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