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Nanobody against ela2a to treat inflammatory bowel diseases (ibd) or

The invention is in the field of therapy of gut inflammatory diseases such as Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) […]

Recombinant flagellin for preventing and treating

The present invention relates to the use of an optimized truncated flagellin (TLR5 agonist devoided of toxic effect) for preventing or treating […]

Methods for expanding a population of alveolar macrophages in a long

The present invention relates to methods for expanding a population of alveolar macrophages in a long term culture. In particular, an object of the […]

Novel melanoma antigens

The invention relates to melanoma antigen named MELOE and their use for preventing, treating and diagnosing melanoma. […]

Pyk2-based gene therapy gene therapy attenuates cognitive deficits

In the present invention it is shown that the inactivation of the Pyk2 gene does not alter hippocampal development but prevents hippocampal-dependent […]

Anti-neurotensin mab for the treatment of cancer

The present invention relates to a neutralising antibody which is capable of binding to neurotensin with high affinity. The antibody of the present […]

Antigenic peptides deriving from urocortin 3 and uses thereof for the

Despite the notion that human CD8+ T cells are the final mediators of autoimmune ?- cell destruction in type 1 diabetes (T1D), none of their target […]

Methods and composition to identify and treat subjects resisting to

The present invention relates to a method for treating a subject suffering from a cancer comprising a step of administering said subject with a […]

Lipid antisens oligonucleotide targeting fxyd2 as a therapeutic agent

The present invention relates to an inhibitor of FXYD2 gene expression for use in a method for treating neuropathic pain in a patient in need thereof. […]

Targeting myeloperoxidase overcomes cytarabine resistance in human

Chemotherapy commonly alters cellular redox balance and increases the oxidative state. Recent studies have reported that chemoresistant cells have an […]

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