Rat anti-mouse cd26 (mouse dipeptidyl peptidase iv, dpp iv) (clone h207-1082)

Rat monoclonal antibody recognizing the cell surface antigen DPP IV (CD26) involved in T cell activation and in the processing of a variety of biologically-active peptide.

Interest / Relevance: To study T cell activation and the glycoregulation in mouse.
Keywords: null
Scientist's name: Michel PIERRES
P. Naquet (CIML)
Naquet P. Mc Donald H.R. Brekelmans P. Barbet J. Marchetto S. van Ewijk W. & Pierres M. A Novel T-cell activating molecule (THAM) highly expressed on CD4-CD8-murine thymocytes. J. Immunol. (1988). 141:4101Vivier I. et al. Evidence that Thymocyte-activating molecule is mouse CD26 (dipeptidyl peptidase IV). J. Imunol.(1991) 147 : 447-454



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Clones available: H207-1082
Isotype: null
Source: null
Specificity: null
Immunogen Seq ID: Mouse thymocytes
CD26-expressing Lmtk- cell transfectants
Cellular Distribution: null
Know Cross Reactivity: null
Depositor: Michel Pierres
FBS: null
Rare disease: No
Last update: 18/06/2024

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