Mouse anti-mouse i-ek (mouse mhc classe ii allodeterminants) (several clones)

A collection of 17 mouse allospecific monoclonal antibodies raised in the A.TH (Is) anti-A.TL (Ik) combination.

Interest / Relevance: These monoclonals identify all the major allotopes of the I-Ek molecule and define several major epitope regions expressed by the alpha and/or beta subuhits of the I-Ek molecule.
Keywords: null
Scientist's name: Michel PIERRES
Philippe Naquet
M. Pierres et al. Distinct epitopes on Ik gene products identified by monoclonal antibodies Eur. J. Immunol. (1980) 10 : 950-957.M. Pierres et al. Clonal analysis of B- and T-cell responses to Ia antigens. I. Topology of epitope regions on I-Ak and I-Ek molécules analyzed with 35 monoclonal antibodies. Immunogenetics (1981) 14:481-495



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Clones available: 40.B, 40.I, 39.I, 9.B, 9.A, 40.E, 39.D, 40.K, 39.G, 40.D, 40.H, 10.B, 10.A, 41.A, 40.C, 40.P, & 7.A
Isotype: null
Source: null
Some monoclonals cross-react with human MHC class II molecules
Specificity: Some monoclonals cross-react with human MHC class II molecules
Immunogen Seq ID: Spleen cells, thymocytes or Concanavalin-A-activated spleen cells
Cellular Distribution: null
Know Cross Reactivity: H-2 haplotypes : d,r,v, & b (40.M)
d,p,r,u,v,f , & q (40.I)
d, p, r, u, v, b, & q (9.B & 39I)
d,r,& v (40.E)
d,r,u, & v (39.D)
p,r,u, & v (40.K, 39.G)
d,p,r,u,& v (40.D, 40.H, 10.B, 10.A, 41.A, 40.C , 7.A, & 40.P)
none : 9.A
Depositor: Michel PIERRES
FBS: 10%
Rare disease: No
Last update: 18/06/2024

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