Mouse anti-human melanoma associated antigen (clone pnl2)

- this new monoclonal antibody is directed against a new fixative resistant melanocyte/melanoma-associated antigen. - PNL2 labels more than 70% of neoplastic cells in all primary melanomas irrespective of their histologic type. All metastatic melanomas are also stained

Interest / Relevance: - diagnosis of primary and metastatic melanomas
Keywords: null
Scientist's name: Georges DELSOL
Laurence LAMANT-ROCHAIX,Mohamad Talal AL SAATI
PNL2 a new monoclonal antibody directed against a fixative-resistant melanocyte antigen. Rochaix P Lacroix-Triki M Lamant L Pichereaux C Valmary S Puente E Al Saati T Monsarrat B Susini C Buscail L Delsol G Voigt JJ. Mod Pathol. 2003 May;16(5):481-90.



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Clones available: PNL2
Isotype: null
Source: null
Specificity: null
Immunogen Seq ID: Somatostatin receptor subtype 2 recombinant protein (probably a mouse melanocyte auto-antibody)
Cellular Distribution: Skin and oral mucosae melanocytes, Reacts with granulocytes when used at high concentration.
Know Cross Reactivity: granulocytes. PNL2,stained most of the clear cell sarcoma cells, and a few cells in angiomyolipomas
Depositor: null
FBS: 15%
Rare disease: No
Last update: 18/06/2024

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