Mouse anti-human adam10 (a disintegrin and metalloprotease domain 10) (clone 11g2)

Mammalian disintegrin-metalloproteasem Kuzbanian protein homolog, CDw156, Disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain-containing protein 10

Interest / Relevance: FACS, immunostaining (frozen section, fixed cells), IP, WB
Keywords: null
Scientist's name: Eric RUBINSTEIN
1) Jouannet S Saint-Pol J Fernandez L Nguyen V Charrin S Boucheix C Brou C Milhiet PE Rubinstein E. TspanC8 tetraspanins differentially regulate the cleavage of ADAM10 substrates Notch activation and ADAM10 membrane compartmentalization. Cell. Mol. Life Sci. (2016) 73:1895–1915.2) Dornier E Coumailleau F Ottavi JF Moretti J Boucheix C Mauduit P Schweisguth F and Rubinstein E. TspanC8 tetraspanins regulate the trafficking of ADAM10/Kuzbanian and Notch receptor activation in flies and mammals. J Cell Biol. 2012 199:481-496.3) Arduise C Abache T Lei Li Billard M Chabanon A Ludwig A Mauduit P Boucheix C Rubinstein E Le Naour F. Tetraspanins regulate ADAM10-mediated cleavage of TNF? and EGF. J. Immunol. 2008 181: 7002-7013



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Clones available: 11G2
Isotype: null
Source: null
Specificity: null
Immunogen Seq ID: null
Cellular Distribution: null
Know Cross Reactivity: null
Depositor: null
FBS: null
Rare disease: No
Last update: 12/06/2024

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