Method for diagnosing colorectal cancer

The present invention relates to the diagnosing of colorectal cancer. The inventors have thus designed an efficient, rapid and cost-effective method to purify and analyse mRNA from small volumes of blood plasma. They found that the RPS28, B2M, TIMP-1 and CLU levels were significantly higher in metastatic colorectal cancer patients. Thus, the present invention relates to a method for diagnosing a colorectal cancer in a subject in need thereof comprising i) determining in a sample obtained from the subject the expression levels of at least one biomarker selected from the group consisting of RPS28, B2M, TIMP-1 and CLU mRNAs.

Keywords: Colorectal Cancer, Metastatis Colorectal Cancer, Diagnosis, RNA signature
Patent Application number: European Procedure (Patents) (EPA) - 08 Févr. 2022 - 22305131.9
BLACHE Philippe
Sci Rep 2023 Feb 15 Grosgeorges et al. A straightforward method to quantify circulating mRNAs as biomarkers of colorectal cancer doi: 10.1038/s41598-023-29948-4.



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