New strategy targeting stroma/tumor cell crosstalk to treat a cancer

In this study, the Inventors report that CD9 is a key component of PC-associated CAFsderived ANXA6+-EVs. They determined that CD9 is expressed by […]

Anti-ptf1a antibodies

Two rabbits (A and B) were immunized with a mix of two synthetic peptides of murine PTF1a sequence (one N-term peptide, KSFDNIENEPPFEFVS (aa 309-324) […]

New method to evaluate pancreatic prognosis

The present invention relates to the prediction of the survival time of a patient suffering of a pancreatic cancer. In this study, the inventors aimed […]

Method for diagnosing pancreatic cancer

The present invention relates to the diagnostics of pancreatic cancer. The inventors engineered a novel biomarker discovery approach, tailored for […]