Transgenic mouse model for myotonic dystrophy: dm300 carrying 300 ctg

Transgenic mouse model carrying the myotonic dystrophy type 1 (DM1) locus (45kb of human sequences) with the DMPK gene and about 300 unstable CTG […]

Real time no measurement

Real time constant amperometric detection of NO in tissues/cells.rnrnThis gaseous neurotransmitter has a very short half-life (*5 s) and is usually […]

Hu-ucp3 transgenic mice (moderate overexpr.) resistant to high

Uncoupling protein (UCP) 3 is a mitochondrial inner membrane protein expressed predominantly in glycolytic skeletal muscles.Transgenic mice were […]

Transgenic mouse model for myotonic dystrophy: dmsxl carrying >1000

This transgenic mice model ("DMSXL") contains large human genomic DNA sequence carrying the DMPK gene with very large repeat (>1200 CTG). […]

Apelin analogs for the treatment of dysfunction associated with aging

The inventors show that apelin plays a role in energy metabolism and particularly in energetic mechanisms in mitochondria. rnThey show that apelin […]