Targeting the secreted ige poly-a signal allows specific inhibition of

Immunoglobulins (Ig) are expressed either on the surface of B cells or as secreted antibodies by plasma cells that represents the final stage of B […]

Methods for improving relaxation of striated myocytes

The Inventors developed conditions allowing to efficiently detect differences in cardiomyocytes relaxation phases associated with increased […]

Hydrophobically modified antisense oligonucleotides comprising a cetal

The present invention concerns an oligonucleotide modified by substitution at the 3’ or the 5’ end by at least triple alkyl chain or at least one […]

Methods of treating heart failure

Worldwide, 1% to 2% of the general adult population have heart failure (HF), which is accompanied by reduced quality of life, high morbidity, […]

Lipopeptide compound for the treatment of pain disorder

The invention is based on the discovery of a new bacterial compound with analgesic properties which could be used as a new tool for the treatment of […]

Allele-specific silencing therapy for dynamin 2-related diseases

The invention relates to an allele specific siRNA able to silence the expression of only one allele of a heterozygous DNM2 gene, for treating diseases […]

Factor h fragment for use as an anti-angiogenic agent

The invention relates to a complement factor H fragment for use in the therapy and/or prophylaxis of a disease involving neovascularization.rnPOC in […]

Methods for expanding a population of alveolar macrophages in a long

The present invention relates to methods for expanding a population of alveolar macrophages in a long term culture. In particular, an object of the […]

Ex-vivo active immunotherapy against infectious diseases and tumoral

The present invention concerns lentiviral vectors enabling the expression of membrane-anchored and secreted antibodies by B cells. This invention […]

Apelin analogs for the treatment of heart failure

The invention related to metabolically stable Apelin analogs and their use for the prevention or the treatment of diseases mediated by the apelin […]